Axelerated Solutions Partner with SFDA to build the infrastructure for Track and Trace Platform

Axelerated Solutions partners with SFDA to build the infrastructure for track and trace platform, and that is to widen the services provided by SFDA.

The cloud-based track-and-trace platform is specifically designed for manufacturers, supply chain operators and retailers, offering them real-time visibility and goods information all the way from production floor, warehouse to retail outlets. The platform improves supply chain collaboration and visibility by enabling users to track:

  • WHAT the item is
  • WHEN the item is at any location point
  • WHY it is there
  • WHERE it is going and where it has been

The track-and-trace platform meets today’s critical need for a highly-reliable and robust solution that can track and trace flow of goods and product information from point-of-manufacture to point-of-sale via a cloud-based platform.

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